Understanding Chronic Pain

This is a great (short!) video to describe why chronic pain happens, and what to do about it. If you have chronic pain or know anyone who does, I recommend watching it. Originally recommended by the Cleveland Clinic.

An hour long, rambling video of me!  I made it at midnight last night, before realizing my  incision was ripping apart and therefore had to spend the night in the ER in Cleveland – don’t ask.  It was a long night, and it involved some insane foreign doctor using tweezers to pull along my incision just because he felt like it.  Thankfully, it also involved dilaudid and morphine (although guess what, I got hives again)  Glad yesterday is over, but here’s a video so you can actually see my face and that I’m alive!  Hoping this week is better than the last, each day better than the one before.


2010 Lifebanc Gift of Life Walk/Run

What a wonderful day!  I coudn’t resist but to vlog about it, so here I am telling you about the LifeBanc Gift of Life Walk/Run, waiting for my liver, and some other things.  For those who were at the race and want to download the photos, check out my Flickr page.  🙂  xoxo

If you can’t watch the video, here’s the transcript:

Each state, or many areas of larger states, has an organ donation and procurement agency which promotes organ donation awareness, assists UNOS in organ procurement, and is an asset to both donor families and recipients.  I became involved with them last year, became trained as an Ambassador, but was never healthy enough to run any events.  I promised them after my transplant, I’d get going in health fairs, school classes, helping any way I could, and it is my very intent to.  The organization is a HUGE reason getting a liver is possible for me.

Today was the 12th annual LifeBanc Walk & Run, 2010.  Seeing I’m an active participant in this organ donation process (whether I like it or not) this summer, I figured a good way to spend my time would be to organize a team and raise money for the organization that is so dear to my heart.

Today, I saw the efforts of myself and thousands of others come into fruition, and we had an absolutely wonderful morning.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who personally joined my cause.  Thank you to my parents, sister, Meg-O, Dave, Lydia & Dawn Weissling, Lydia’s friend, Paula Balazs, Ryan & Kelly Jacops, parents of two angels I sit for, an old friend Sarah Walker and her sister Lisah Franklin, my Uncle Kirk, and Heather & Hailey (TRIO member Ray Golden’s daughter and granddaughter) two of my new friends at TRIO (Transplant Recipients International Organization).  Thank you for joining a team that started out with one participant with a single goal of furthering organ donation in our area.  Thank you for paying the entry fee and then showing up and actually walking (or running!) to show your support.

To many of my loved ones, many people I don’t even know, I humbly thank you for your donations.  To my Uncle Keith, Paula Balazs, the Meachams, Selena Inouye, Janet Goodwin, Panther Expedited Services, Inc., Uncle Tim & Aunt Linda, Sandra Jones, John Stucky, Lynn Eckelbecker, Stewart Witt, Rocco Surace, Chris Carrigee, Karen Studebaker, Marci Eversole, and my Aunt DiAnn. 

Thanks whose who sacrificing your money and in all, helping me raise $1,345 for LifeBanc.  Your amounts – small or large – made sure you were part of this Team, whether here or in spirit.

Thanks to all of you who wished me well, said you wished you had the money to donate or participate, or said you’d be thinking of Team Race for Amanda on Race Day.

Thanks to everyone who cheered loudly, or in spirit, when the LifeBanc announcer read off the roster, “Team Race for Amanda!”

I may have gotten winded (a mile is hard for me these days) and for walking long distances like the Cleveland Clinic, sometimes I need a wheelchair, and yes I usually need a cot to lay on at church, but today, I walked my 1.5k and I walked it well.  I’m proud of myself for trying such a daunting feat for someone in liver failure.

But enough about that….

In my heart and soul, I can now get my liver.  My last “big event” of the summer is over, and it was amazing.  Honestly, I never even thought I’d make it through mid-July, but here I am, still waiting.  Right now, I am at peace with each day God has given me, and I feel so uplifted and supported even though I do question where my liver is. I feel I’m ready to go with this.  Please pray my trial maintains a steady pace with no unforeseen challenges, and pray that the Lord brings me out safely.  Pray my journey is one of hope and healing, that I will come out on the other side ready to soar.  Pray that I encourage every soul I pass.  And-  Pray for a “little” liver just for me.

Thank you to everyone who is holding my hand along the way.  I love each and every one of you.


Zoo with the Boys


For my birthday, I went to the zoo with Shan and the boys.  Bryce & Declan treated me to their rendition of “Happy Birthday,” too…  I love these guys!

Thanks to everyone for all the cards, gifts, emails, and sweet wishes you’ve been sending.  We’re having a little party on Wednesday, and I’m looking forward to being with family and friends.

In transplant news, I’m #3 on the list, but I need a very small liver.  There’s a handful more summer events I hope to be here for, but at the same time, I’m really itching to get this surgery over with…

Love to you all,