Financial Resources

Below are several helpful links that can help you pay for transplant related expenses such as travel, doctor visits, and prescription medications even afterwards when finding a job can be tough and money is tight.  While these links are directed toward transplant patients, some of the sites can offer assistance to patients with other health conditions as well. I hope you can find help among these resources.  Please contact me using the tab above if you would like to suggest another link, report an error, or tell me how any of these organizations have helped you.

2015 Akron Street Card
Local to my area, search your biggest nearby city’s name with “Street Card” to find low-cost options and basic helplines in your area. Ask these people your questions.  What you don’t know can hurt you.

American Transplant Foundation
ATF offers grants to living donors and organ recipients based on need.

Healthcare Hospitality Network
The Healthcare Hospitality Network, Inc. (HHN) is a nationwide professional association of nearly 200 unique, nonprofit organizations that provide lodging and support services to patients, families, and their loved ones who are receiving medical treatment far from their home communities.

The Foundation Center: Health/Medical/Disabilities Resources (from the Foundation Center’s website)
All programs and locations linked to are based in Northeast Ohio.  Great list.

HelpHOPELive (formerly, National Transplant Assistance Fund)
You must complete an application to demonstrate financial need.  HelpHOPELive can assist with many types of uninsured transplant expenses.

Help With Medical Costs
This website is for my local county, but there is also a listing of federal aid programs.

Modest Needs
Modest Needs assists the ‘working poor’ whenever a sudden financial emergency occurs.  Their aim is to prevent a generally self-sufficient family or individual from going into poverty and help people return to the workplace, among other things.

National Foundation for Transplants
Fundraising assitance program 

The mission of NeedyMeds is to make information about assistance programs available to low-income patients and their advocates at no cost.

Patient Access Network Foundation
Apply for help paying for your solid organ transplant immunosuppressant therapy 

Prescription Assistance Program
The Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicines they need for free or nearly free.

This organization is a low-income patient assistance program that works with your doctor to help you obtain necessary medications 

Transplant Living: Financial Resources Directory
Because many patients cannot afford to pay for the full cost of organ transplant surgery, or even a small insurance deductible amount, using their personal funds, it is common for patients explore other options to help them fund their procedure.
[These] organizations may provide financial assistance to transplant candidates or recipients and their families. 

TRIO United Airlines Travel Program
TRIO is an independent, not-for-profit, international organization committed to improving the quality of life of transplant candidates, recipients, their families and the families of organ and tissue donors. This link gives information on help with airfare when you may be traveling for a reason related to your transplant.

2 thoughts on “Financial Resources

  1. This is an incredible find for me! I have been searching “tags” with no luck finding anything transplant related. I’m bran new to blogging period, so maybe I’m just not navigating the site correctly. Regardless, I’m glad I found this page, it’s the reason I started my own.
    Thank you all the way from Orlando, Fl

    Warm Regards,

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