Be A Hip Sick Chick!

Being a sick chick is rough, but these items make it a little more bearable!  This is my must-have list for making chronic illness a little more manageable and going through it with sanity and style.

Sara Gorman’s Pillbags & Pillfolds

I have tried a dozen different medication organizers, and this is my absolute favorite!  In fact, it’s the only pill organizer I will use.  I LOVE how all my meds for the week are in one place.  No more misplacing my “Thursday” pill container, losing the lid to “Monday,” and no annoying tabs to flip open for each time of each day.  In these stylish pillfolds, each day has a line that unzips to reveal two good-sized pockets where you can stash your pills.  It folds up into a cute little pouch that looks like a change purse or small wallet – not a clunky plastic rectangle that just screams, “LOOK AT ALL MY PILLS!!”  The quality is great, and although I was afraid at first of the white on the material, the bag really is stain-resistant just like the site says!  This product is ingenious and so. stinking. stylish.  Love!  Sarah also sells “pillbags” which look super cute.  Do you want to try one for yourself?  Use coupon code AMANDA to get 5% off your purchase!  Thanks, Sara!

The Ferris Wheels Heat & Ice Therapy!

I LOVE my heating pads/freezer pads by Sally at the Ferris Wheels.  She made me a custom order and from order to delivery, it only took 3 days! I have several of their products including the neck/shoulder wrap which I love the most!  It is made so that it truly covers the neck, shoulders, and upper back. I just microwave for 3 minutes and have long lasting heat and beautiful aromatherapy.  (Sally can custom-scent your order, and my pads are all clove-scented! Mmm!)  I also have the large lumbar heat pad (amazing for any large area of the body!) and the migraine set which includes 2 packs for the eyes and neck and a set of foot pads.  (The eye/neck pads go in the freezer, and the foot pads get microwaved.  As a result, the blood flows to your feet, away from your head, and provides headache relief.)  All of the products are made so carefully.  They are durable and truly work.  The pads are divided into sections so the rice/flax don’t all settle in one area.  Sally also makes computer rests, hand wraps, kids’ “boo boo bags,” and anything else you could imagine.  I had such a great experience ordering these products, and Sally was so kind to custom-scent them and get them out to me unbelievably fast!  Check them out and let them know Amanda sent you!

Perfect Hair Ties

Oh. My. Goodness.  are these AMAZING!  This product is by cool etsy chick Marlo Bontempo and these are – ta da – called “The Perfect Hair Ties.”  I LOVE these because unlike other elastics or “ponies” they don’t leave creases in my hair, and I can comfortably lay on them without feeling like I’m laying on a rock.  They come in a huge array of pretty colors and are also available in headbands, too.  They add glam to a snarly pony tail and can make even lounge days look beautiful.  Go check out her shop yourself!

Soma’s Cool Nights pajama & loungewear line

Typically, I think of Soma as a store for my mom or grandma.  But then I found their Cool Nights line of pajamas and loungewear.  Pricey?  Yes.  Worth it? Oh yes!  love their chemises, camis, shorts, and pants.  The material is amazing, and all of the tops have support.  Which means you can wear them in the hospital and not feel exposed or if you’re sick and getting visitors at home, they’ll do you just fine. They even make a light wrap.  I have a whole collection of colors and options and oh. my. word.  Love.




Natural Life loungewear

I love their shorts.  They are cute and so lightweight, and I cannot even begin to explain how stretchy they are!  Perfect for a sick day!




Disclaimer: These items have all been purchased and loved by me. They were not free gifts to me, and I was not paid or compensated to endorse them unless otherwise noted. I’m simply sharing the love!

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