Chronic Pain Resources

American Chronic Pain Association
Since 1980, the ACPA has offered peer support and education in pain management skills to people with pain, family and friends, and health care professionals. The information and tools on their site can help you to better understand your pain and work more effectively with your health care team toward a higher quality of life. “Let Us Guide You Through the Maze of Pain.”

Chronic Pain
General information by the National Institutes of Health on different types of chronic pain.

Institute for Chronic Pain

Great resources on types of chronic pain, treatment types, and hot-topic discussions on things like opiate regulation.

Pain Action

A very informative and customizable site based on your specific type and locationof chronic pain


Improving pain treatment through education. This site is mostly geared towards clinicians, but there are also several tools a pain patient with a lot of medical knowledge may find helpful.

US Pain Foundation

With support, legislation, and practical information, this Foundation is a very great service for patients and those wishing to impact chronic pain policy in America. 

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