Helping those who are suffering

A few of the main themes on this blog are organ transplantation, surgery, chronic pain, and infertility.

Having gone through so much first-hand, I felt compelled to post some of the great things I have found online that make it a little easier to say what you’re trying to say. I have purchased these products or services for myself or for my friends so I can vouch for them! I hope to add more items as time goes on.


Compassion Cards – “Fertility Cards for Support, Love & Kindness.” These are so raw and real.

Dr. Jessica Zucker – #IHadAMiscarriage Absolutely beautiful cards with heartfelt, uplifting messages.

Emily McDowell – Emily’s “Empathy Cards” are well known around the inter webs. She uses sarcasm and humor to talk about all of the tough topics such as cancer, aging, chemo, and grief.

TTC Greeting Cards – Beautiful cards, shirts, and other items supporting the struggle of infertility and the journey of “TTC,” or “trying to conceive” from a woman who suffered with infertility herself.


How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who’s Sick – Invaluable. Written by a cancer patient with the input other patients and medical professionals around her, this book offers some great tools in this book that anyone can use when caring for a sick or dying friend.

Mindful Fertility: Coloring Book – This is a beautiful tribute to a woman’s body and the wonderful things it is capable of. It’s made to last you through an entire cycle of in/fertility.