Support Resources

Transplant Resources

Here are some links to places where I know you will find good, honest supportive friends to walk alongside you on your journey – while understanding exactly what you are going through.  Also check with wherever you received your organ transplant – the social workers or nurse coordinators will likely know of local groups.

Transplant Buddies
This is the largest transplant community on the internet. There’s no way you won’t feel welcome here!

Transplant Recipient International Organization (TRIO)
Find your local chapter and join.  If you cannot afford the dues (around $25) they will sometimes cover them for you.  Local chapters have real meetings with real people and can offer you a lot of support. You will also receive the newsletter which goes to all of the chapters’ members.  FYI – Our Akron-Canton Chapter has an annual Christmas party, summer picnic, etc.

All Illness Support Resources

Chronic Babe
If you’re a sick chick in search of like-minded folks—the kind of people who are living well in spite of illness—you’re in the right place! ChronicBabe offers hundreds of resources designed to help you keep on being a Babe, even with chronic illness. Join nearly 3,500 women and sign up for their free eNewsletter: Goodie Bag and get dozens of tips delivered straight to you every other week. And when you sign up, you also get a free ebook, How to Be a ChronicBabe: A Beginner’s Toolkit.

Patients Like Me
This is a fabulous resource for patients with many types of illnesses, including those of us dealing with transplants.  Their transplant forum is great. (You will have to search for your specific type of transplant.)

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