Caregivers’ Month blog carnival

United States’ President Barack Obama officially signed November, 2012 as National Caregiver’s Month. This is very special as all of us patients know how much caregivers truly sacrifice to care. And care well.

It takes a special person to be not just a caregiver but a good caregiver, a caregiver who promotes health, wellness, comfort, and support in all he or she does. Caregivers are parents, children, doctors, nurses, friends, and even staff on the hospital’s transport team or in the gift shop. They may be in unexpected places in unexpected positions, but we are completely grateful to them for sharing their smiles and hearts. In this month of Thanksgiving, honoring them seems almost obvious.

For this month’s international Patients for A Moment blog carnival, our topic – in honor of the month – is Caregivers. Everyone is welcome to share a blog post about a caregiver, caregivers, or even being a caregiver. Please comment with a link to your post and any special comments about your post OR send an email with the preceding information to agoodwin2010 (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject of PATIENTS FOR A MOMENT. Submissions are due November 24 so you have time to gather your thoughts after the US Thanksgiving holiday. The final edition will run live here on Crazy Miracle on November 30. Please write and submit! No submission is too small or insignificant. Share your voice – I know we all have something to say about this topic. Love to you all!


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