Our First Ever Giveaway:: Lush hair ties!

To Hip Sick Chicks and our friends who may not be sick…

I am adding a new product to our “Be a Hip Sick Chick” shopping page.  I found another product I believe can help sick chicks live their lives just a little easer.  This product is by cool chick Marlo Bontempo and these are – ta da – called “The Perfect Hair Ties.”  I LOVE these because unlike other elastics or “ponies” they don’t leave creases in my hair, and I can comfortably lay on them without feeling like I’m laying on a rock.  They come in a huge array of pretty colors and are also available in headbands, too.  Seriously go check out the site yourself!


Marlo was so sweet to send me two packs to give away to my readers, and all of you can sign up to win!  These packs highlight Halloween colors so we’ll end the comments and make the drawing on Saturday, October 20.

To enter, reply with a comment discussing one of these options 1) a tip/trick/product you think helps make your life as a sick chick better, 2) how chronic illness has impacted your life whether you have it or not, or 3) simply, why life is a crazy miracle.  And I’m so sorry but I can’t ship outside of US/Canada.  There will be TWO winners total, one for each color. If you have a strong preference, please mark it. Love you all.  Ready?  GO!

Note it may take a little before your comment shows up as I approve each one. 🙂

52 thoughts on “Our First Ever Giveaway:: Lush hair ties!

  1. Well, I’m not a sick chick but I’m sure glad I found your blog! I’d like to win these for my little 5 year old niece who is having some health issues now. She has been diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome and just got out of the hospital with severe dehydration. She’s very light for her age and just isn’t gaining weight. She has very long hair and loves pony tails. I’d love to give these to her and her sister who also has longgggggg hair!

  2. A couple of tips, and then on to option number two. First, I try keeping things simple by not putting as many chemicals on or in my body. I stay away from sick people and work nights so I have less contact with the public. Even ‘sickies’ have to have a job, right? lol Chronic illness impacts my life in a lot of ways but I really had to think about it to answer this. When you live with a disease (or three) for over 10 years you don’t really think about it on a daily basis. You just live your life. For me, when I was in my teens, I couldn’t go anywhere. Couldn’t read a book from the library, couldn’t talk on the phone much, couldn’t even go to school all for fear of spreading germs or, even worse, picking up new ones that would land me back on bedrest. I first started getting sick when I was 12ish and 15 years later I still catch everything that comes near me due to a really low immune system. Eventually I’ll be on the list for a liver transplant but until then, I refuse to worry. I don’t drink, don’t party, don’t go out with friends often, need at least 12 hours of sleep a day… If any of those things happen, I get sick. So I guess you could say that chronic illness made me a bit of a hermit.

    I’m glad I found your site. Its always nice to know I’m not alone when going through rough patches with my health.

    • Manda, will you send me an email? agoodwin 2010 @ gmail . com (no spaces) Our stories are so alike and I’d love to talk to you. I had liver disease from age 5 thru 23 when I got a transplant. It was rough but I’m better today for going thru the whole experience. Hugs!

  3. I’m 25 now but I got sick when I was 22 and my life has completely changed since then. I used to be really sad about it, because my life wasn’t “normal”. I could never have guessed that getting sick would have changed my life in so many positive ways. Despite having bad days, being sick has given me so many new opportunities and I’m thankful for that. I’m closer than ever to my family and I know exactly who I am and what I want out of life. I still don’t live a “normal life” but sometimes good things come of really bad things.

  4. I’m not a sick chick myself but I have been one of the caregivers for my dad and grandmothers through cancer and alzhiemers. Now all I have is my mother who is 86. I try and cherish every day and be thankful for the gift of time.
    Love the hair ties, I’ve never seen these. How cute these are. My daughters would think these were really cool.

  5. MY life is a crazy miracle cuz for 7 years I was told i would not have children 😦 but 20 months ago god blessed us with a beautiful healty boy 🙂 life is blessed and filled with joy now

  6. I am definitely a fellow sick chick! I am basically a neurological mess thanks to having CRPS, migraines, and some unknown problem with my sympathetic nervous system. When training for a marathon four years ago, I tore some ligaments in my ankle and my Achilles tendon which resulted in CRPS, a lovely chronic pain disorder that I like to pretend I don’t have. It has taken me four years to get back to working out on a normal basis (which was needed after putting on 50 lbs thanks to steroids) but I’ve learned its best to think positive about these things. Ill never be able to run again because of the damage it has done, but recently started back to school to become a dietitian so I can help others with their weight loss journeys and developing a healthy lifestyle. And these hair ties look adorable!

  7. The worst kinds of sickness are the kinds nobody else can see. Internal sicknesses, whether mental or physical in nature, just don’t get the attention they should in life. I’ve had multiple family members die from so called invisible diseases. Cancer , for my aunt and uncle, and Lupus for another aunt. Even though everyone else wanted to help them, they stayed strong, and stubborn, til the very end. They wanted to be independent and it hurt them very much that they couldn’t be. I think when you can’t see whats wrong with you plainly, when you look in the mirror, you end up thinking whats wrong with me, why cant I just live my life like everyone else? Thats what I think some days. Although I, thank god, do not have cancer or lupus, I have severe depression and fibromyalgia, as well as a particularly disturbing condition known as hidradenitis, something most people have never heard of. Don’t look it up if you’ve eaten recently…

    My life has definitely been impacted positively though. I have taken charge of my health and gotten on a diet. I have lost 20 pounds so far in just about a month. My pants are looser on me and this week I am joining a gym. I’d be really happy to win either of the band sets because I have really long thick hair and keeping it off my neck is nigh impossible. The only hairties I have found that are strong enough end up punching and tugging and giving me a terrible headache.

  8. I always try to look on the bright side of things and remember to be thankful to those around me who have helped me and who have prayed for me.

  9. I have a couple of friends battling cancer at this time. Life IS just a crazy miracle!! I’m blessed to only be suffering from lower back pain right now and count my blessings every day. Thanks for the giveaway!! I’ve always wanted to try these!!

  10. I’ve had chronic shoulder pain for years. It started in my right shoulder, moved to the left, and has been back and forth since. Thankfully I haven’t had pain in both at the same time (knock on wood). I’ve been told it is bursitis and also a sprain/strain. I’ve been under chiropractic care and I’ve been through physical therapy with only minimal relief. I work as a medical transcriptionist 64 hours a week and sometimes the pain is so excruciating it hurts to work. Sometimes on my way home from work I cry because the pain is so intense but I have to suck it up and take care of my family.

    I rarely take anything for pain other than Tylenol or Advil because I don’t like the way muscle relaxers and narcotics make me feel. I’m like a zombie for days afterwards. Very soon I’m going to ask my doctor to maybe schedule for for a MRI or at least an x-ray to see if there might be another issue causing all of this pain and hopefully I can maybe get some steroid injections or something to help manage the pain better.

  11. Life IS a crazy miracle. I didn’t realize that until my friend lost her son Milo in a horrible car wreck. He was 6 months old–the same age as my boy at the time. Now I am enjoying every moment with loved ones because you never know when it can be your last!

  12. fibromyalgia has impacted my life for years. i did not even know what it was i had! i was just recently diagnosed after complaining of chronic pain for almost 10 years! i am so thankful and happy to finally have a diagnosis and i am starting new meds to help control the pain and other symptoms! i wish more doctors knew about this ailment and how to diagnose it!

  13. Life is a crazy miracle. No doubt. We’re so resiliant, even with pain and chronic illness, and some of the best, sweetest people I know have the hardest time. But they keep powering through. I don’t know how you can look around on a gorgeous autumn day like today and *not* find life to be amazing.

  14. i think lots of products help in life you just have to find what works for you. wheelchairs are amazing if you have to rely on things like that it takes getting used to because it’s hard to accept that you need help but it does make life a lot better when you can accept it. Also those chairs for your bathtub that you can sit on are great also. I love the purple hair ties, but i also like the yellow ones too! 🙂

  15. My daughter was born with a chronic illness and it has changed my life. It has taught me to thank God for every day and every milestone is a small miracle for our family. We are so in love with our little miracle and now live each day step by step.

  16. What cute hair ties! I like the purple ones.
    I have a chronic illness, but it is so mild, that I hardly ever think about it. Working with people who have chronic illnesses has made me grateful for how healthy I am–and they have inspired me with their resilience.

  17. You are a strong woman as others here also, I have lupus, Hashimoto’s disease kidney probs, and every day is one step at a time and learning to not stress about getting everything done like I used to, can’t be a sun lover anymore, and learn to be grateful when I do have good days, bless you all

  18. Thanks for the wonderful post. What always helps is being around animals–dog especially. I have found that they are the most loyal and caring companions who can truly sense when I am down.

    Love the purple bands so much!

  19. I’m not a sick chic, but about a year ago we found out my husband has kidney disease. So far it hasn’t been that bad, his kidneys are still functioning on there own, but the doctor says a couple more points and his kidneys will be in alot worse shape.Hearing news like that can change the way you think.

  20. Life is a crazy crazy miracle. I went through years of fertility medications with no luck due to a condition I have. A miracle happened in March 2011—we managed to conceive my beautiful little girl unexpectedly before I started taking the fertility medications again. She is a happy healthy almost one year old and I am so blessed with my miracle.

  21. my daughter is fighting autism every day – and she is winning. Today is her 13th birthday, and she has survived thousands of hours of therapy to become a star student and kind and generous young lady. Her favorite color is purple and I would love to win these for her, my precious Abby.

  22. 4 years ago, I came home to an unemployed husband, while he was looking for work, about a month later, I fell from my porch and broke both arms and crushed several discs in my back. Lost my job, Lost my home (to the cruelty of the mortgage companies not helping out with 2 payments and foreclosing). The one thing I learned is that money isn’t everything and life will go on. We are starting to climb back up out of the hole we fell into and I have to say that life is a miracle.. Because through all of this….. We are still here to enjoy it with our children.

  23. My father suffers from chronic pain. It’s so hard to watch, especially knowing that at the most severe times he’s told my mother that he wishes he was no longer living. But no matter how bad he feels, my daughter can bring a smile to his face and he can forget about the pain for a while.

  24. life is absolutely A crazy miracle, i have suffered from cervical issues for ten years and was told i could never have kids well in less than two weeks my little boy will be one 🙂

  25. A tip: some things are out of our control but take care of yourself in as many positive ways as you can: eat healthy, exercise, drink water, etc.

  26. Asthma…my son has this and it has made life very difficult! Winters are the hardest on his breathing, so we’re not excited that its right around the bend!! We spend at least 3-4 nights in the ER each winter doping this poor 4 year old up on steroids, breathing treatments, and oxygen checks! He’s such a trooper though, never complains!! I’d love these ties for my 6 year old who also never complains about all the time we have to give to my son all winter! She’s awesome and we love to spoil her when we can!! 🙂

  27. I say I am not a sick chick, but I am a type 1 diabetic. I went into dka in 2007 and have changed the life completely around. My husband has been here for me and has helped me feel ‘normal’.

  28. My life is a crazy miracle because when I have my first son but he was born early. He was touch and go for weeks,but finally the table turned and and got better. After 9 weeks we were able to bring him home, from all the medicine he lost hearing but was able to over come it.

  29. I don’t have chronic illness, but I witnessed my mother struggle with emphysema before finally succumbing. I learned how important it is to know all you can about your parents before they die. There are so many things I never thought to ask her. Now I want to leave behind things for my children–things they won’t think to ask while I am alive, but will wonder about after I am gone. I found a cool website that is helping me with journaling those topics, run by a woman struggling with cancer. Her perspective on which topics to journal has really impacted me.

  30. I am not a sick chick, but I have been touched deeply by alzheimers. My grandmother suffered for years and I lived with and took care of her. Some of the most touching and memorable times of my life.

  31. I had chronic, horrible back pain everyday of my life since I was a little kid, and as I got older I was in and out of the emergency room often. One day they ordered an x-ray and we found out I had severe scoliosis. I was sent to a spine surgeon, and was told if I didn’t have surgery, my spine would crush my organs, paralyze me, and eventually kill me. I had to go to a few different surgeons though, because some were to afraid to do the surgery because there were a lot of risks during surgery because of the severity of the curves. But I found a surgeon who said it needed to be done immediately, so now two years after the first surgery, I was told we need to do another for the lower half of my back. The pain hasn’t gotten any better, and since the first operation, they went through the side, now I have daily pain in my ribs as well as my back. The pain has made it hard to do everyday things, but it has not stopped me. Everyday I amaze my doctors and surpass their expectations. My healing is a journey, and it will take a long time to recover completely, but I just take it one day at a time. :]

  32. I love the autumn colors. You know, my niece is 3 and has been dealing with juvenile diabetes for 15 months now. She and her mom have really rough days, but they are such an inspiration of perseverance and perspective to me. Life is really worth living!

  33. I have chronic illness and chronic pain, what a great combo. I find I have had to adapt and do things a bit differently then my friends do and some times I feel bad about it, but I believe there is miracles in life, and I do still have a great life, there are more people out there that could and do have it worse then me. I find my faith helps, and looking at the wonder of the small things.

  34. I was hit by a pick up truck in 2003. Since then I have lived in chronic pain. I also have depression. It is very hard to deal with this. I don’t have any family that is near, and I can’t really get around that well, so I am lonely a lot of the time. I try to focus on my kids and grandkids and when I can see them again. There are a lot of good people out there who have helped me both mentally and financially.

  35. I have learned that you have to put yourself first. Not only do I live with chronic illnesses, but I am also the caregiver for my great aunt who herself has chronic illnesses. I find that if I do not slow down and make time to just sit and breath, my own illnesses can become worse. Then of course I’m unable to be of help to anyone, let alone my aunt who really needs me. I have learned to let go of the little petty things, they really don’t mean anything. I have learned to decide whether it is important to fight a battle or ultimately win the war, in other words sometimes the other person has to win even if in your mind they are wrong. Fighting isn’t worth it. Our bodies aren’t designed to handle the stressed caused. My biggest lesson learned…I have to take care of me in order to take care of others.

    PS…my favorite color is orange.

  36. My life is a crazy miracle because I survived a war and poverty and desolation for many years and still trusted God to give me a new life and a chance to grow up and do good for this world! My fav colors are the blue shades.

  37. Life is a crazy miracle sometimes because things work out. I was told it would be extremely hard for me to become pregnant and most likely need outside help. Well within a week of getting of my birth control I was pregnant and I now have two happy boys.
    mrs.jamie_tucker at hotmail dot com

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