2012 Gift of Life Walk & Run

I need your support!

Have you ever been touched by organ donation?  If my family or I have ever inspired you, helped you, or just made your life a little better, then you have.  Perhaps you don’t know me that well, but you know someone else who has been blessed by organ donation.  Please support me in my 3rd annual Team Race for Amanda walk/run benefitting Lifebanc, Northeast Ohio’s organ donation/procurement agency.  I am so passionate about this non-profit organization that I volunteer my time and effort to join them in educating about, fundraising for, and advocating organ donation.

This year, the walk is on Saturday, August 11.  This is such a fun event, and it couldn’t be for a better cause.  This is one of my favorite days of the year for so many reasons.  Please join us and see why.  I promise you’ll feel inspired, uplifted, and fulfilled.

Last year due to my splenectomy, I wasn’t able to crusade for this as I did for our team’s first year.  I also believe people weren’t as supportive because unlike the previous year, I wasn’t waiting on a liver to save my life.  But each day, I am most definitely not less grateful for this gift of life.  My gratitude only grows deeper and deeper with all of the experiences my life has been full of since September 1, 2010. I am so grateful to be alive, and my heart aches for the 18 people who die daily waiting for an organ.

All of my team members (and only MY team members!) will be entered to win 2 Cleveland Indians tickets if registered by July 1. (The game is July 8.) I love you each and every one of you and appreciate your support in this.  Your sacrifice to support organ donation – the reason I am alive today is in the deepest place of my heart, more than words could ever convey.

Also new this year will be Team Race for Amanda t-shirts!  Yes, that’s right. Be excited!! They will be made if I have to fund them myself.  (Hopefully it doesn’t come to that…!)  All team members will receive one to wear the day of the event in addition to an event tshirt from Lifebanc.

Below is a video about Lifebanc, followed by a video of our race last year.  To read about my story and to sign up for my team or make a donation, please visit my team page.  The last video below is one that was made two years ago, while I was waiting for my organ and rallying a team for this event.  It’s amazing to think of how far I’ve come.  Again, there just aren’t enough words.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting a new video (if I conquer the iMovie vs. Amanda feud), photos, and more information to build excitement about this wonderful celebration.

Please sign up by July 1 because I’m excited to give these tickets away!  (If you sign up or donate post-July 1, you are still more than welcome!  You will just miss the ticket raffle.)


4 thoughts on “2012 Gift of Life Walk & Run

  1. OOO Shirts! 😉 I wish I could be there! I will be donating at least! This is such an important cause! I wish I could be on your team with you!

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