Important: Moving

Hi everyone,

Please change your bookmarks and feed subscriptions as I am moving this site to a new address.  It will be under construction for a little bit and will have a new address, but all of the content will still be there, and it will hopefully be a little bit more organized.

You can always use to get to the site, and its official address is now  Unfortunately, Amanda’s Journey was not available.  😦

I hope to deliver the same content you’ve come to expect, as well as more insight into my life dealing with chronic illness and how God has moved in different ways.  I really want good to come out of the bad, and I want people to somehow find encouragement out of this mess.  If I encourage one person, all of this pain will be worth it.

I am moving to WordPress for a couple of reasons:

1. It’s much more organized.  You (and I) can view posts by searching, tags, and dates without aimlessly clicking the ‘previous posts’ button.

2. Comments will finally work.  They’ve never worked on this Tumblr site, and I’m not exactly sure why.

3. I’m printing a book of my entries sometime in the near future, and WordPress will make this much easier and more automated than Tumblr ever would.

That’s really all.  I’m working on a new post or two to get up shortly.  The new site isn’t very pretty at the moment so please pardon the dust.

See you over at WordPress,


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