The break is over

My few-month break of laying low from any major medical drama is wrapping up.

Sure, I’ve had a couple ER visits and almost got my tonsils taken out, but I’ve managed a low amount of appointments and tests, and I’ve enjoyed great (monthly!) lab results.

But all good things come to an end.

I’m now in a major physical therapy and treatment program for the injuries I sustained in my 9/2007 car accident. I drive an hour each way to see my osteomanipulative doctor once a week, and twice a week to work with his physical therapy team. I have to wear an “SI Lock Belt” 24/7 to keep my hips aligned. I have a folder full of exercises to do to strengthen my damaged back and healing abdominal muscles. The goal is to get rid of the constant pain. Please pray I can stick with this intensive program!

Then tomorrow, under general anesthesia, I will undergo esophageal dilation. After 3 doctors and a handful of tests, we finally found out why I’ve been having awful choking spells since pre-transplant. I have a ridge in my lower esophagus, and the plan is to dilate my esophagus so wide that the ridge pops off. It is an outpatient procedure, but there will be general anesthesia and its side effects, and there is the risk the procedure may need to be performed again. Please pray the procedure is safe and successful.

Thank you all for your continual love and support.



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