1.5 weeks till surgery; WBCs

Hi, just an update for those of you who have been praying for my labs to increase so the surgery could occur.  Well, my WBC this week were 1.48 which is VERY low, but higher than my range before.  More Neupogen injections were an option but my doctor said if I felt okay without them, his advice would be to skip them.  So I did.  A few of my doctors said with labs and clotting factors like mine I’ll be getting units of blood anyways on the date of surgery.  Please remember to Donate Life (transplant) and Donate Blood!  More people than you even know have to get blood over their lifetimes – how many times is it a friend of yours?

I am still feeling very tired and sometimes weak.  I hope it’s just the uneven blood cells, so I desperately hope this surgery will help me in that regard.  That’s our one desire here. 

I have 1.5 weeks until my surgery, and I’m trying [despite my weaknesses] to live it up!  Because I’m so thankful for a year of my new life, and I know I’ll be out of commission in 1.5 weeks, I admit I’ve packed my schedule a little too full.  But it’s summer and I’m off from school, and these days have been so much fun!  I’m hoping for a fast recovery so I can continue to enjoy these things before I restart school in January.  🙂

I love all of you who have been keeping up with my journey.  My prayers are for God to touch your lives in a special way today.



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