Weekend prayer request


I know I checked in the other day with a good update, but today, I come to you with a prayer request that will be heavy on our hearts for a few weeks, until my surgery (splenectomy) day of August 5.

As we’re on our way to Chicago for the weekend, my oncologist just called to let us know my labs yesterday showed a WBC of 0.84 – the lowest it’s ever been for me. We’re now past critical level. This is a dangerous level, and I need to be extra vigilant about germs so I don’t end up sick in the hospital like last month.

Most importantly, the count has to rise or they cannot perform the surgery. Surgeries carry huge sources of infections for many reasons, so my defenses must be higher before they will take the risk.

The problem is, I NEED this surgery. This surgery is extremely (99%) likely to fix the WBC problem in the first place. Ironically, what could prevent me from having the surgery is what the surgery is supposed to fix, to heal.

The good news is my doctor prescribed Neupogen injections for a few days. The bad news is, it’s Saturday and no one near our destination can get them in until at least Monday. We think we finally found a place, though, so fingers crossed! The other bad news is these raise my counts very temporarily and won’t last me until August 5. Sure I could do another run of them around then, or perhaps a transfusion, so we’ll see. It will be up to my doctors.

We are just humbly praying this surgery will still take place on time, God willing.

If you could join us in prayer, I know my family and I would be so grateful. Your prayers have kept me safe for over a year now, and I don’t know how to thank you.

Love and blessings,


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