Just waiting…

My morning started bright and early with my doctors completing their assessments and nurses and techs beginning to obtain their orders and tests. At 5/6am.  I forgot how fun this part is.  Reminds me my post-surgery days!

Oncology said they want to look further into giving me Neupogen injections to increase my white cell count.  My opinion is that, if they work, then praise God.  If they don’t work, then at least we gave that option a second chance. Who knows, maybe it will take a new team of docs to solve this mystery of a problem.

Afterwards, my PCP came in and said he doesn’t see me going home unless my WBC increase significantly or my pneumonia clears (judging by his conversation with us, he is not looking for me to get better much soon).  He said it’s one or the other.

And so we wait.

For the rest of the day, I enjoyed several friends coming to visit, and I enjoyed that a lot.  It’s pretty bored on this unit even though I have a lot of things from home to do.  Plus the morphine is knocking me out and I’m on it around the clock right now.  So yes, pretty tired, too.  But this is life right now.  I’ll be back with an update when I get one, and I desperately hope it’s positive!

Here are beautiful flowers my friend, Lydia, brought me yesterday

flowers from lydia


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