It’s 2.41a and I’m laying in bed in my local hospital. I have a spacious private room and am hooked up to telemetry monitors. I’m receiving morphine, zofran, and 2 antibiotics daily.

I am being treated for a pneumonia I only got for being immunocompromised.

I haven’t been feeling well since my bone marrow biopsy/aspiration, thus I’ve been sleeping on the sofa downstairs in my house. Monday, very early in the morning, I had an unexpected coughing spell. My parents woke up and Mom came down to check on me. The coughing was very rough and only stopped a little after Mom gave me cough medicine. In the morning, I woke up with chills, my whole body shaking, plus a fever. Dr. Lichtin has been repeatedly telling us to go to the ER if I have a fever or chills.

So, my awesome mom dragged me to the ER, who later sent me on a fun ambulance ride to the local hospital. I asked them to take me to Target, but it was a no go.

From here is a very long story, but an xray clearly showed pneumonia. They have no idea how it got here but, as we well know, being critically immunocompromised can do it.

I’ll update you later but for now, this begins my week. I hope I’m not in here long, but I am not in control now. Thank God we know Who is!


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