2011 Team Race for Amanda

Dear Friends,

   It’s that time of year again!
   Organ, eye, and tissue donors, recipients, and their loved ones, are more than statistics of medical stories – they are our neighbors, our friends, our family, and our community.
   They are myself.  They are my family.  They are my friends.  
   They are you.
   As you know, It’s been such a special year for me.  A year ago, I was listed on the national transplant list. On September 1st,  I was given a gift that saved my life, actually, a gift of life.  A teenage boy I’ll never know chose to donate his organs to those who could not live without them.  
    Without Lifebanc, this boy’s gift wouldn’t have gotten too far.  Lifebanc is Northeast Ohio’s non-profit organ procurement and donation organization.  For 25 years, they have helped to save and heal hundreds of thousands of lives in our community through the gift of life – organ, eye, and tissue donations – and transplants.  Dedicated volunteers and staff work hard to educate students, adults, and medical professionals with the facts about donation to increase the number of individuals who decide to become registered donors.  Additionally, they offer bereavement services to provide comfort and care for families touched by donation and transplantation.  Lifebanc speaks with families at the time of their loved ones’ deaths, procures healthy organs for donation, and with UNOS – the United Network of Organ Sharing – helps to organize the complex process of donation.
    One organization does all of this.  I’m so honored to say I volunteer for them year-round to encourage people all over our area, through education, to become registered organ donors.  I go to share my story and show people how my life was forever changed, how I went from losing my life to gaining a brand new life.
    Last summer, even at my weakest, I organized the Race for Amanda team at the 2010 Lifebanc Gift of Life Walk and Run.  (Click for photos and the video below.)  Our team, you, helped us surpass our goals while having a day of celebration and fun.
    Let’s do it again!  Let’s celebrate all of our lives – lives so many people don’t get to live because of the shortage of donated organs.  Let’s celebrate the breaths we take that we all too often take for granted.
    On Saturday, August 13, 2011, it’s Gift of Life Walk & Run time again at Blossom!  If you can’t run, you can walk, right?  (There are prizes!!)  If you don’t want to walk, come to see our Legacy Garden, enjoy our entertainment and refreshments, come to show your support, or just come to snag that free t-shirt!  And if you cannot attend our race, you can definitely sacrifice that cup of Starbucks and make a donation of any amount to our cause.  Additionally, you can raise funds yourself to contribute to our financial goal and win great prizes, too!
    If you want to come for the event and simply don’t have the $25 fee, please contact us as we have some funds set aside for your registration.
    If you have kids, don’t get a sitter – we have a super fun kids area, or they can walk as well.
    Our team goal is $1500.  (Last year we raised $1200.)  Additionally, we are aiming to have 50 people on our team – much more than we had last year.  With your help, can we do it?  What if each one of you told everyone you knew about the cause asked them each for $1?  (You can give donations on the website – more info below – or to me in person, checks make out to Lifebanc.  The team gets credit either way.)  We’d definitely be on our way to being a success for Lifebanc!
    Please honor your life, my life, and the life of my donor, a sweet teenage boy whose life was cut way too short.  Join Team Race for Amanda today!

**Please check out http://www.lifebanc.org for more information about their cause.

**Here on our team site, please be sure to register under the correct team name – Race for Amanda.

**If you’re uncomfortable joining or donating online, or have any questions whatsoever, please email me via (agoodwin)(2010)@gmail.com.     (No parenthesis)

**Our team would be more than happy to mail you a brochure or (while supplies last) an incentive Lifebanc pin or rubber bracelet for joining!  Just let us know.

Thank you so much.  I love you all and wish you so much health and happiness!

Last year:

This is a video I made just hours after last year’s (2010) event.  It was so amazing!


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