I need your help

Dear friends,

I have been absolutely humbled by the messages you’ve been sending me lately.  It’s just astounding to me how God has used my story to bless and encourage so many of you.  

It’s all the more encouragement to me to help me with what I’m about to tell you.

As you know, I’ve been documenting my story here every step of the way, and the rest of my story is on my personal blog, Crazy Miracle.  (Please stop by if you haven’t!)  I’ve been documenting my story in journals ever since I learned to write, and only for the last few years has it been on blogs and in private journals on my laptop.

So I guess the point of this post is this – I am actively working on a memoir that I’m planning on publishing once it is done.  (Which could be awhile seeing how I start back at school – nursing! – on Monday.)

I want to touch on all the points of my lifetime, emphasizing the times God’s brought me through and mostly, the journey of chronic illness and my liver transplant.

That said, what questions would you have to ask me?  What do you wonder about after you read an entry on my blog or talk to me about my story?  What interests or fascinates you the most?  What blesses your spirit the most after you visit my site or read my stories?

I believe I am in the period now where I’m preparing to start my ministry of speaking, sharing, and advocating, and this is one of my goals in the process.  I want the world to know how God has raised me up and promises to give them strength and deliverance in whatever their circumstances are as well.

Please let me know if anything in particular is interesting to you or if you have any questions or thoughts.  I’d love your input.  After all, this is for you.



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