To you…

To you … who are desperate for peace
To you … who cannot sleep at night
To you … who want what could have been
To you … who wish to know what would have been
To you … who want to know why
To you … who feel lonely
To you … who want a less complicated life
To you … who want more love 
To you … who don’t understand, Why me? Why now? Why this?
To you … searching for rest
To you … fighting a relentless battle
To you … who are exhausted
To you … who cannot see the end of the race
To you … who are an old soul
To you … who have been through way too much
To you … who are afraid 

To you

He is here, right here.  He is holding your heart in His strong hands, and He is thinking of His dreams for you, right now.  He asks you to follow Him because He just knows…  He knows what and why and how.  He knows why you’ve walked the path you’ve walked.  He’s seen you fight each and every battle.  He’s watched you cry each and every tear.  He knows the reason what has happened, happened.  He knows the lives your life has touched or will touch.  He knows the good that will come from your trust in His divine plans.  He knows.  He cares.  He is watching over you this very moment… and every moment.

Is that not enough to change your world?


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