Stupid incision

Wednesday, while talking to Infectious Disease about unrelated questions, I asked Dr. Avery to look at my incision. (Which I’ve been convinced for a week is getting infected.) She decided to swab it and send it out for cultures. Sure enough, I found out today, while 80% of my incision has healed, 1 of the 2 open spots has enterococcus. They said don’t worry unless it gets worse – pain, redness, discharge, odor. Well at 12:30 after finding some jammies to crawl into, I decided to put a fresh dressing on my incision. The infected spot had grown into the dressing I put on 6 hours prior, and well I’ll save you further details. I called the coordinator on-call, Jackie, and she said get to the CCF ER where they have the culture records and can prescribe the ointment and antibiotics I needed in the first place. Being immunocompromised, I told her how frustrating it was that no one just erred on the side of caution and treated it earlier. Oh well.

Currently on the hour drive there and already can’t wait to go home.


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