Urgent prayer request

As some of you know, Mon and Thurs are my lab days where I get labs drawn locally, they run most of them through, and UPS the less common tests up to the Clinic to get analyzed.

Apparently, my liver numbers were all over the place in yesterday’s labs, so they’re going to wait and see how Monday’s are, but this is a concern.  We learned that 50% of all new livers undergo some kind of acute rejection in the first 6 months, and that’s definitely what this could be.  If my numbers are still elevated, I will have to get an ultrasound (which sounds painful with my incision) and a liver biopsy, and if rejection is confirmed, I’ll have to stay in the hospital for some heavy steroids and/or add more antirejection meds to my schedule.  The good thing is, this kind of rejection is acute and can always be treated, but on the other hand, the treatment isn’t fun, and the whole aspect of it just adds unnecessary drama.  I’m just trying to get better!  🙂

So PLEASE lift us up this weekend and pray whatever’s going on in my body gets straightened out by Monday morning labs.  We’ve seen God move so much during the past couple months and we’re know there’s no situation too big for Him.  Also, please pray that we get through this with strength and grace. The waiting will be the hardest.

Thanks friends,


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