Pray for Haylie!

Today Haylie took front seat as the patient when she found one of my antiviral pills.  I’m still on some pain meds and seem to be dropping everything I touch, and sure enough, this morning I dropped that little blue pill on the floor.  With your stomach stapled open from side to side and top to bottom, it’s a little hard to bend sideways on the couch and pick it up, so I made a mental note and was going to ask my mom for help but well, that mental note got lost.  The emergency vet had us induce vomiting, which was successful, but we didn’t see the pill so they wanted to keep her today and overnight for observation.  I finally get home, and now my dog is in the hospital.  Go figure, lol

Otherwise, it’s been a good day – I left the house to go in public for the first time today – Best Buy for DVDs, Famous Footwear to exchange some adorable tall heel boots I bought right before I got the transplant.  I also found two pairs of $10 clearance shoes – pink floral flats and brown summer slides.  They totaled $15 because they were mislabeled, and then I used a 20% coupon on both my boots and flats, so I paid $24 for the boots ($100 boots – STEAL!) and $15 for 2 pairs of flats/slides.  This AM, my mom ran to Hallmark for me to take advantage of the Buy-$50-Get-Tote-for-$25 Vera Bradley deal.  (New Veras, yay!)  Oh, and the computer system at Best Buy was down, so I ended up saving my $20 in separate coupons, $20 in computer errors the manager couldn’t fix, and then I left with a gift card for $16.  I did pay just under $100 in there, but by the time I saved all that additional with the errors and accidental gift card, I got some serious deals. I have NO idea how that happened, but I now have the newest seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and One Tree Hill to keep me occupied, as well as the Killers (Katherine Heigl!) and Letters to Juliet (kind of boring, but I had a coupon, lol)  And Netflix just brought Date Night.  I’ve already seen it in theaters, and I watched half of it before falling asleep, so I’ll probably return it tomorrow for another movie.  Netflix = awesome, Netflix + Roku box = AMAZING.  If you’re ever going to be on bedrest for awhile, it’s worth the subscription.  I doubt I’d have time to watch nearly this many movies if I was in my normal busy life, but for spending 24-7 on the couch, it’s been a fun treat.  🙂  (Email me if you want a free trial month – for some reason they gave me several of those to give away.  If you want to cancel in the first month, you won’t get billed.)

Tomorrow I meet with the transplant psychiatrist to go over coping and just to check how I’m doing, and then we’re meeting with the surgeon in “Liver Clinic” where I’ll get 2 stitches out (from where the drains were).  Unfortunately I have another week of these staples.  I’ve already “lost” (okay, helped the process a little) 4 of them, and they pull more than anything.  The incision is closed (mostly), so I don’t see why they just can’t take the remaining 47 pointy pieces of metal out of my stomach, but we’ll see.  I wonder if they’re what set off the alarm in each store I went to today, ha!

Thanks for the continuing cards, surprises (a special healing journal and a box of chocolates!), love, and prayers.  I’m enjoying having visitors, and I still need, and feel, your prayers.

I’ll update after I see the doctor.  He’ll be reviewing the pathology from my old liver, too, so pray the cancer was eradicated successfully by the chemoembolization and that it didn’t spread to my lymph nodes.




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