New week, new prayer requests!

Monday’s about to begin, and I’m excited!  Not like I can go much of anywhere or do too many things, but I’m almost two weeks post-op! I am meeting with my surgeon Dr. Fred (his name is hard to pronounce so he told me to call him that) on Wednesday, getting 2 of my stitches out, and finding out what the pathology report revealed.  Whenever they are in your body or remove anything from it, they always send it to the path lab to find out whatever info they can from the samples they have.  They’re examining my entire previous liver, and because of the tumor, we are praying they cannot find any more traces of it.  We’re also praying that there was no cancer in the lymph nodes because that would mean it has probably spread. It’s possible, on the rarer side, but it happens.

First important order of business – if you are getting these updates on FaceBook, PLEASE start commenting here on my regular blog, not on Facebook.  I don’t have time to check it, and honestly, I do not like being on that site.  It’s super easy to leave your comments/ likes here instead.  🙂

Next order of business … visitors!  
YES you may come. Don’t feel like you’re intruding – I love you all and have already enjoyed the people who have come!  Remember, no germs, because I’m immunosuppressed/immunocompromised, but otherwise, text/email/comment and we can plan a day/time.  Just no kids this week – I can’t wait to see my angels, but I’m hoping to see them first after my staples are removed on 9/22 and I’m a little more immune-solid.  🙂

I’m still almost in shock at what has happened in less than 2 weeks – especially when we just got a call and the coordinator, Paula, who said the transplant might not happen till wintertime now just due to my score, size, etc.

Still sore as the incision heals, and I feel like it’s raw since certain areas haven’t scabbed over yet.  Just a gross feeling.  Still losing water (yay!).  Still soaking the whole experience in.  Still so very grateful for all of the love and support from my dear friends and family.

Love you all,


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