A view around my rom

A view around my room – G 101 Bed 21, 10th floor of the G building, right above the new area.

tumblr_l8mn04r18m1qc81o3o1_1280Panoramic #1

tumblr_l8mn04r18m1qc81o3o7_500.pngRoses from Wed PM Bible Study ladies

tumblr_l8mn04r18m1qc81o3o9_r1_1280Go Team Amanda!

tumblr_l8mn04r18m1qc81o3o2_1280Panoramic #2

tumblr_l8mn04r18m1qc81o3o4_500.pngFrom all of my friends

tumblr_l8mn04r18m1qc81o3o6_500.pngFrom Peg & Wil

tumblr_l8mn04r18m1qc81o3o5_500.pngFrom my Sunday School


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