Liver Transplant Update #8: Happy Labor Day!

Today has been another day of progress. More walking, more healing. I got my 2nd JP drain removed today so now all I have left in me is an IV (thankfully with no infusion!), 50 staples in a Mercedes Benz shape, and 2 stitches where the 2 drains were. I have a bruise on my left arm from the large bore IV, my neck from the central line, and my right arm from the A line and an IV. I lost 10 pounds overnight because the fluids, but I still look/feel like a whale! lol My very nice, cute Australian doctor Peter says it’ll be gone in a couple weeks, but I’m swollen up everywhere. Today is my first day wearing one of my own “designer” hospital gowns (it finally fits!) and I have on a pink robe from home instead of a doubled up hospital issue gown. Much better.

I’m going home tomorrow, in my sorry, swollen state but I’ll have my labs sent here twice a week and will go to Liver Clinic every week for a few weeks, so I’ll be closely monitored. It’ll be nice for my precious family, too, who have been living in two worlds for a week.

And thank you for everyone asking – we’re still keeping the visitors low on purpose, but hopefully in the next week I’ll be regaining strength and energy. As I told some of you, I’ll post as I feel better and we can start clearing visits. Today my whole family and a couple of very close friends are here, and like I said I’ll be home tomorrow to start recovering really on my own! (Well without doctors 2x/day and wonderful nurses at the other end of a button.) My mom is really good at well, being a mom, and my dad has gone germ-paranoid, so I think I’m set. 🙂

I hope to be able to actually get on my laptop, send some coherent posts out, maybe post a few pictures… all when I get home. I have pictures of the OR and my old liver and lots of nice stuff for you to enjoy! 🙂

Thanks again for all of the love and prayers! Keep the prayers coming!



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