Liver Transplant Update #6: Saturday

It’s Saturday. I’m supposed to go home Tuesday-ish if I can keep getting up and resuming normal activity. Sometimes easier said than done. Yesterday was another hard day, and my doctors decided to rule no visitors because I don’t have enough time to exercise, it can be overwhelming, I am very immunocompromised, etc.
My new liver is functioning great, and my incision looks “fabulous,” is what the doctors told me this AM.
I’m just eager to get up and wash my face and change into a different hospital gown (my incision leaks a little). My dad had last night covered here and stayed with me this AM, and my whole immediate family should be here by early afternoon. I’m excited to see my sister for the first time since I hugged her goodbye early Tuesday in the middle of the night.
I really miss my Haylie girl!
Still on soft liquids, yuck. Enjoying all these surprises that have been appearing at my room and all the cards that’ve been sent either here or to my house. All of you are wonderful! hoping it’s only 2-3 more days in here! I have to show the nurses I know my new meds and their schedule, but that’s not hard. Wondering if I’ll be able to sleep upstairs in my own bed when I get home or if I’ll be stuck on the couch for awhile…lol
Just a random update so you know I’m doing okay 🙂


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