Liver Transplant Update 5: Getting Up

Today has been a special day with lots of visitors, and I’ve been able to pull myself up and not only stand, but walk! The surgery was late Tues into the first hours of Wed, and they kept me pretty out of it yesterday. Today is Thursday, and I’m hoping one of these days will be my big “turning point” although all the doctors are shocked I’m barely 2 days post-op, so maybe I should just be thankful!
With the forced activity, removal of a drain, and switching of a PICC line, my body feels done for the day, but my mind is still racing from this insane experience. And like I said, all these special visitors – it’s been such a nice day despite it all.
I ate breakfast with my bestie, saw my peds doctor (who is no longer on my case), and then had surprise visits from my ex’s uncle and mom, at separate times, plus my aunt’s sister who works at the Clinic.
I’ll have to write more when I get my iPad or MacBook Pro – typing this on my little iPhone is making me sleepy! 🙂
The doctors have all but beaten me up, but I think that’s just the territory that comes with the surgery. Hoping to get onto “the other side” sooner than later!



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