Liver Transplant Update 4: Post-op

Been out of surgery since 1:30 am Tues PM/Wed AM. Thought I updated but must have forgotten… Sorry for the delay. Tired and sore, but the breathing tube was out by maybe 10hrs, and I was moved to the transplant floor by just last night. My IV line, Foley, A-line, and large bore tubes are all out. All I have is a triple lumen PICC line, O2 running, and 2 JP drains to drain out any left over blood/bile/etc that could be in my abdomen. Overall, the doctors and nurses are astounded at how well I am doing! I should still be up in SICU hooked up to anything imaginable when really, I’m tolerating a liquid diet and walks up and down the hall!
Granted, I’m very uncomfortable but am on many pain meds and have lots of people praying, emailing, calling, and visiting. (Jen, Aunt Lisa & Uncle Mike have been here so far! In SICU, I ran into a mom I used to sit for who is a nurse here as well as a chaplain who is “uncle” to one of the itty bitties I watch 2 days/week. He gladly informed me he had been filling in for me and wanted to know how long it’d be since he’d have to do more babysitting!)
So that’s the update.
Thank you so much for all of your prayers. Remember how well I was, am, and will be. No accidents …It could only be God!



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