Unlikely Friends

We are unlikely friends.

She has blond hair; I have brown.  She’s tall; I’m short.  I’m in my 20s, she’s double that. When I needed something; she was assigned to help me.

But we love to talk.  We share interests and ideals.  We connect on that deeper level.  We have so much in common that we couldn’t help but to build a deep friendship, a friendship that technically isn’t allowed to be due to her status and my role.

But that hasn’t stopped us.

She met me at Panera and we sat and talked for two hours.  Our words come easily when together.  We shared our hearts and souls and smiled at the way we are so alike.  She expressed genuine concern for me and her sureness I’d come out of this stronger than before.

Then gave me a gift, which is strictly forbidden, again, due to her status and my role.

I was interested what this gift was that she would risk her position to give to me.

I unwrapped the paper, and inside was a Willow Tree angel figurine named Courage.  “But wait, there’s a story behind her,” she told me.  “When my mom had her heart surgery, she received Courage as a gift.  A couple years later when going through a hard time in my life [her divorce], Mom gave her to me and said, ‘Here, she’s for you.  You need her courage more than I do.’”  Then the gift of the Courage angel began.  One can keep her and draw from her courage, but when the storm passes by, she has to be given to one who needs more courage than themselves.  My friend said, “Oh, Mom, who would ever need Courage more than I?” But the years passed, and as she healed, she looked for someone to give Courage to.  “I held onto this for years.  I just couldn’t find who I felt in my heart was the right person,” she paused, “And then I met you.  After so much worrying about this angel, I knew in my heart the Courage angel had to stay with you next on her journey.”

We both had tears in our eyes.  She knew I needed courage, and she knew what to do about it.  Courage, a small angel figurine, arms outstretched to welcome whatever may come, sits on my nightstand and reminds me of my strength.  She reminds me of my dear friend who gave me not a gift, but a “borrowed help,” that hopefully, I too will be able to pass on one day.  Hopefully there will be a day when I don’t need her courage anymore, and I can find someone who will welcome Courage into their life.

Thank you for giving me an angel that embodies courage.  I needed that for this time in my life.

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