Just got back from the ER

With a platelet count of 25,000 (healthy levels are 150-400,000), I’ve been having serious bruising and nosebleeds lately.  Tonight, I called the liver coordinator on call at the Clinic and she said due to the extreme amount of clots coming out of my nose, I needed to go to the ER.  So there I went.  They treated me by doing labs and giving me Zofran for my nausea, and they soaked cotton balls in neosynephrine and put them in my nose for a long period of time until the lesions finally stopped bleeding.  

Needless to say, this was neither fun nor comfortable:

Fixing a nosebleed

But they gave me Ativan and Zofran so it worked out.  🙂

Apparently, neosynephrine has a vasoconstrictive property which can be used for this purpose.  So, per doctors’ orders,  I’m now back to sleeping with the humidifier in my room (yes, even on July 31!) and being extra careful.  My platelets have never been this low, so this is not a positive thing.

Still waiting for my new liver…  I’m 3rd on the list, but remember I need a smaller one, probably from an adolescent.

Pray for strength and courage for us to keep waiting…  It’s getting harder each and every day.

Love to you all,



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