Remember the LifeBanc Walk & Run?

Remember This?  Well the deadline, AUGUST 1 is nearing! 

So here’s a repeat of the details in case you forgot. I know, time gets away from us so fast, doesn’t it? I talked with the LifeBanc event handler and she has not received sign up sheets from several of you who I knew were creating “mini-teams” at your workplaces and with other groups of friends.  If you can sign up on the Race for Amanda site (linked below) with a credit card, you’ll immediately be registered, but if you want to mail in a physical brochure, or any collected donations, I suggest you do so today, if possible, to get it in on time.  Any questions, as always, please shoot me an email at agoodwin2010 (at) gmail (dot) com.  If you have a large team and are a little confused at how to register everyone with the brochure, email me and I’ll give you a lady at LifeBanc’s number to call on Monday.  Just as always, remember you are on Team: Race for Amanda  🙂

Walk & Run for LifeAmanda is 22 years old.  Amanda needs a new liver, or she will die. This story is more common than you’d think.

Dear friends, family, and community,

I hope you have your running (or walking!) shoes on!  August 14 we’ll be at Blossom for LifeBanc’s Walk & Run for Life!  

If it weren’t for LifeBanc to educate people on the importance of donation, I’d probably be waiting much longer to get healthy again.  Since they educate people about the importance of registering and teach the public how to register as an organ/tissue donor in the first place, I’m not afraid.

And now who doesn’t love to have fun, be active, win prizes, or socialize?  In honor of whomever’s liver I will receive, I wanted to head up a team in LifeBanc’s annual Walk and Run for Life.  While waiting for a liver and spending so much time going through testing, I hesitated on the idea, but I knew in my heart that this was meant to be.  I am additionally hoping that I can give all of you – my friends, family, and community – an experience that will stay in our hearts and minds forever.

My team is called Race for Amanda, and I’d be honored if you’d join us.  All ages are welcome!  Prizes include iPods and other goodies, plus the inner satisfaction of helping out this cause. It’s only a small fee to walk or run.  If you can’t be there or don’t want to walk or run, would you consider donating $1 to our cause?  Every cent counts!

And, to everyone who loves freebies – advanced registrants (eg, signing up on my team website or on a brochure I can send you) will receive a FREE t-shirt and LifeBanc water bottle!  If you register on the day of the event, you still get to share in the entertainment, refreshments, activities, and of course the knowledge and satisfaction of knowing you are helping to save and heal lives in the community (like mine)

If you win as the first place male or female in the 10K or 5K run, you win an iPod!  The top finishers in ten age categories will be recognized.  In the 1.5K leisure walk, you can enjoy the beauty of Blossom.  It’s a great opportunity to talk, meet new friends, and enjoy the beautiful nature.  This option is handicap accessible.

Another option of something to do is enjoy the Legacy Garden, sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic.  The area honors organ or tissue donors and recipients and inspires others to donate life.  A movie ceremony opens the garden and invites guests to reflect on the Gift of Life and all of the special people who have been touched in some way by organ and tissue donation.

Now who can forget the Kids Fun Area?  Why get a sitter when your kids ages 3-12 can race, too, for a lower entry fee!  Also, there will be balloons, games, crafts, and more!!  How fun!  

And…. after that long, hard race (or leisurely stroll) why not enjoy a complementary massage, get on top of your health by free screenings, or visit with health partner organizations?

Depending on when my transplant takes place, I hope deeply in my heart to be there and thank each of you personally for supporting such a vital cause.  I cannot express what your interest in this means to me.

Our team goal is $1000.  What if each one of you asked everyone you knew for $1 and told them about the cause?  (You can give donations on the website or to me in person, checks made out to LifeBanc.  The team gets credit either way.)  We’d definitely be on our way to being a success for LifeBanc!

Let’s rock this, Race for Amanda Team!  🙂

I sincerely hope to see your name on our website’s roster, and even better, your smiling face on August 14!

NOTE: Blossom Music Center Drive will be closed 8:30-10:30a so please keep this in mind when parking.  The scheduled times for this event are 7:30-11:30a. 

ALL proceeds from the Gift of Life Walk support programming to educate the public about the need of organ and tissue donation.  I’ve volunteered enough with them LifeBanc to know that without their selfless hours, we probably wouldn’t have a smooth, successful organ-sharing system.

It’s my first time at the event, but my LifeBanc contacts assure me it is all out FUN!!  August 14 is going to be an extremely fun time full of entertainment, food, and prizes, and the joy of knowing you’re supporting LifeBanc, the organization who educates the public with facts about organ and tissue donation, increases the number of registered donors, and ultimately saves thousands of lives in the community. Remember, organ and tissue donors and recipients are more than statistics or medical stories.  They are our neighbors.  They’re our community.  With your help, LifeBanc is working to save and heal more lives by educating Northeast Ohio about donation and increasing those designating their wishes to donate the gift of life. 

Please check out for more information about their cause.

**To join or learn more about my team and the race, to join or to donate to LifeBanc, please visit this site:

Thank you so much.  

I wish health and happiness to all of you,



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