Prayers for this week

I saw my primary care physician today and she’s starting me on B-12 injections to hopefully improve my energy.  She wrote me a Rx for enough Ativan to take me around the clock for a few months, and right now, my nerves need that. This waiting, constant waiting, is the worst part.  Thankfully, my friends and family have been good to help me keep busy and out of the house.  Additionally, I always have different friends over to hang out and watch movies, and a few of my kiddos’ parents are letting me sit despite the chance I could get “the call” during their outing.  I have a few whole-day outings on my calendar, have spent a lot of time with the children I sit for as well as close friends, and all of these things help me to feel normal rather than a prisoner to the telephone and some treacherous surgery looming in the distance.

I have about 6 appointments at the Cleveland Clinic on Thursday, including a scan to make sure the tumor is gone.  Please lift me up to our God as we trust that He and the chemoembolization took care of the tumor, and all will be well. Thursday will be a long, hard day – those long runs from office to test to office always are, and finding out about the tumor is frightening to me and I know my friends and family as well.  Pray for us to have peace about it and be able to trust completely in our all-capable Lord.

So today, I starting to get cards and gifts from people I don’t even know.  I’ve met a lot of new people through this journey, but I’m saying that I have cards from different states from names I don’t even recognize.  They hold Scripture and words of encouragement, and I thank God for all of you who are taking the time to send something to a girl you don’t even know.  As for those I do know, your encouragement, support, and understanding speak volumes as well.  So many have asked me, with voices of honesty, “Is there anything I can do to help? I’d really like to help you during this time.”  God bless you all, and thank you for everyone who has done anything for me – prayed, shared a gift or card, or even just smiled at me – during the past nearly two months.

Please keep me in your prayers on Thursday, and I will post an update when I get the opportunity.

Love and gratitude to you all,


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