So I got it, my 217.

Right at the start of Week 3.

This morning, my transplant coordinator Amy called me to let me know UNOS approved me and I had been officially listed.  According to the UNOS data, I estimate I am 217 on the CCF’s liver waiting list (of all blood types)


So many thoughts run through my mind as I try to grapple this new point in my life.

This is the real thing.  This could happen any time.  I’m on the list.

I asked Amy where she thought I ranked on the list, and she told me my MELD was 22.  At the current time, only 2 people with my blood type had higher MELDs than me, yet several were tied at 22.  A blessing and a curse, I can only get a liver from a smaller donor since I’m so petite. My coordinator Amy has been doing this for a long time, so I trust her when she says I’ll get the phone call anytime in the next couple months.  

But I’m listed now, so our backs are packed, cell ringers turned on high.  This is a reality.

As for God, HIS way is perfect.
Psalm 18.30

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come to you this summer morning and ask your peace come upon us.  Clear the confusion in our minds, ease the questions that throb throughout our souls.  Help us to realize that you are holding us in the palms of your hands, and we are not going through this alone.

Give us guidance and grace, love and humility, and help us shine our lights for you to whomever we come into contact along this journey.

Give us courage to fight through this; give us persistent vision of the victory we know is at the end of the road.

It is an honor to be in your army.  Your guidance, wisdom, and provisions are indescribable.  Let gratitude dwell always before us.  You are worthy.



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