The End of Week 2

Thursday night, my coordinator called me to say they forgot to schedule an electrocardiogram and the only opening was Friday AM at 8. We had no choice but to go up to the Clinic for what felt like the 12th time in a week.

Pictures, blood flow, sounds. They had their study… “Great images,” the tech told me. Next, a nurse injected contrast and confirmed what we’ve known to be true: pulmonary AVMs, secondary to portal hypertension. No surprise here. After that, we went home, anxious of what the CCF Transplant Team would decide in their meeting later in the day.

Later in the afternoon, Amy, my coordinator called and relieved us by saying my case was approved by the CCF board. Once the Ohio consortium and my two insurance companies agree – hopefully next week – I’ll be officially listed on “the list.”

Only one outpatient surgery and one inpatient treatment remain.

The rest is unknown. Well, the stuff that matters at least.

Thank you for your prayers, love to you all!


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