Week 2 – More!

It’s Wednesday, and we’re at it the Clinic again!  Right now I’m on the transplant floor in the waiting room.  I have my last appointment at 2, and then I’m free to go!  Well, until they think of something else or I come in for inpatient testing on the 14/15th.

This morning, we met with a nutritionist, anesthesiologist (why are they all so HOT always?!) and worked some with the transplant coordinator.  Then another transplant coordinator put on an information meeting for us where we covered everything from A-Z.  Dad came up to meet us for that since I knew he’d learn a lot.  He and Mom went to grab lunch while I’m sitting here waiting for my 2pm.  I guess I could have gone with them, but I would have needed a wheelchair and then a semi truck to haul our total of 5 Vera Bradleys on it.  Excessive much?

Nutritionist didn’t seem to mind my awful diet, but she wants me to up the protein so I don’t have too much muscle wasting post-op.  Anesthesiologist asked pages of questions and concluded several times, “You’ll sail through this,” “Wow, you’ll get through this with flying colors!”  So that was good.

Since my insomnia has multiplied a zillion fold in the past week, I’m hoping I can talk the transplant psychiatrist to give me something stronger but urban legend around here says she’s pretty picky on drugs and is actually specializes with drug rehab.  Some psychs won’t give an anti-anxiety to anyone because they think patients need to learn breathing skills, imagery, personal ways to relieve stress, etc. because the alternative would be taking drugs that can build a tolerance, sometimes build addiction, etc. Then other psychs argue, “Why were these drugs made if no one is going to use them? That’s what they’re there for!”  My psych at home is of the first kind and I’ve had it with a year or two of that.  Now my nerves are 100x worse, I’m NOT sleeping, and I WANT drugs.  I know I can find help if I can find the right doctor.  Of course this doctor is just for psych clearance for the transplant, but if I don’t get a full night of sleep for another night, I might just go crazy.

I’m about done with all the pre-testing, and now we get to wait.  The CCF transplant committee board will present my case tomorrow, they will release it to the Ohio state committee afterwards, and then they will send it to both of my insurance companies to verify payment.  Then I find out where I am on the list and buckle my seat belt.  

This is going to be a huge, bumpy ride.

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